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  • 1 February 2021
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Manychat is the only texting app I can find that is doing what I need.


I want to send a text with a 5 question Customer Feedback Survey after we finish a job.


The trigger would be when a job is complete in Jobber.  I cannot figure out how to add a subscriber info into Manychat. I want to add the client’s information for the text when we finish their job. 

I figured the only way to do this is Webhooks but I just simply cannot figure out how to do this.

2 replies

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Hey @thehousemanager!

First, this appears to be the portion of their API docs that addresses creating a subscriber. And here is how to generate and authorize your API key.

It may not be *exactly* this but it should be something along the lines of…

We do have an existing feature request to add a Create Subscriber action to the ManyChat integration, but they’re actually the ones who own and maintain that so it would be up to them to get it implemented. I’ver added your vote to the feature request :)

If the above doesn’t get you there, you may want to contact their support team to both a) let them know you’d like to see that action added to their Zapier integration and b) ask for help accomplishing that using a webhook, since their integration doesn’t support it.

Hope that helps!

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@thehousemanager I was searching through Zapier looking for information to address a similar integration challenge that you are describing - I want to push registration fields into ManyChat from a CRM (Real Geeks) to create a Subscriber/User in ManyChat.  I learned (after countless hours/days!) that the available Zapier/ManyChat actions don’t include the capability to create a user in ManyChat.  But the ManyChat API does provide a way - that that coding work is beyond my capacity.  I posted the job on Upwork and found an experienced developer in India who produced the connection within 3-4 hours (currently in process but the test code is working now on his platform, I need to obtain web hosting for a place to put the web hook code).  If you contact me I can provide more details.