Looping can't seem to trigger action per iteration

I am having a problem and none of the support material seems to address the issue in a manner I can understand.


I would like to:

  1. Read from Google Analytics 4 the Active User metric for each month of the year.
  2. Write the value to a table in Zoho Analytics


I have done this on a single month basis repeated for every month of the year. Eg read May-23 value, write May-23 value, read June-23 value, etc. Very frustrating because first it is dumb, but second I cannot write a zap for a month that does not yet exist. So I have to update the Zap at the start of the each month for the new month.


What I can do is read monthly data for all months in the year. This gives me the data month by month. Then I use a Zap loop and it converts the data to look like:



Where the first line is the month number (e.g. 1 is January) and the second line is the data (e.g. 1000 active users in January).


All good so far. But now I want to write to the database. I add Zoho Analytics to the loop (there is a shadow box around the widget).


My expectation is we will loop through the data like this:

First iteration



Second iteration





Instead the widget is presented with:




There is no looping. It treats the loop step as though it is completed before it calls the next processing step.


Not sure what I am missing.


Kind regards,



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Hi @Alexb11 

In order for us to have more context, post screenshots with how your Zap steps are outlined and configured in EDIT mode.

Hi Troy. Thank you for taking an interest. Does this help?

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Try using this Zap action: Looping - Create Loop From Line Items

That handles data structured as an array of items.