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  • 9 August 2022
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Hello, this is my first time asking a question to the community so I will do my best to explain my question or the issue I am having.

Prior to the update, when I was testing a zap/webhook I was able to click on “Load more results” and it would pull the most recent request that hit my trigger. 

Since the update, when I click on “load more results” it shows that I have no new request. which is inaccurate, I can go to the zap history and see the zap has run and is functioning although its not showing them to me when I try and load them under test. 



Is there some new way to pull these since the update on Zapier?

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1 reply

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Hi @btalley 

Good question.

Unfortunately this is a known issue with the revamped Zap Editor.

The workaround (for now) is that you must have the Zap step open in order to pull thru new webhooks.

Best to submit your feedback and feature requests via a ticket to Zapier Support to be logged: