Lions & Tigers & webhooks oh my!

  • 29 August 2020
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So I can’t figure this out. Here is the desired workflow:

  1. email received in a gsuites mailbox - TRIGGER
  2. zap is triggered to POST specific contents within the body of the email to a 3rd party CRM with the POST method in place.

My problem is, I need to be able to specify the “first name” “last name” and other client info into the corresponding fields in my CRM but they are all part of the greater body of the email as a whole. How can I map certain data to the crm and not the entire body? Can use additional step to google sheets although I am not sure that helps the problem. Format text action?

This is a bit above my pay grade so bare with me, I’ve used zapier for a long time but never manually using webhooks, and I have no coding background so laymans terms would be great 🙂 I’ve been hunting on youtube for hours!

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2 replies

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Sounds like you’ll need to parse the email for the data points.

NOTE: This will only work if the email uses a consistent body template.

Try these apps:

Parser by Zapier:


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Hi @jchamb26 

Just checking in. Did you manage to get this sorted?