JSON post values with spaces failing

  • 12 January 2023
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Hello Team, 


I am using Webhooks with Zapier to send a JSON post to an external service. 


  1. I have set up the zap to  have this configuration
  • Valid URL Endpoint
  • Payload Type = JSON
  • Valid Data + headers for the endpoint. 


Where I am running into a problem, is if any of my parameters has a value with a [space] in between it, the zap fails to send. 


As an example if I put in a parameter of “CampaignName” with a value of “Example Test”, then the entire zap fails to send out from zapier. It throws an error. 


How is this resolved? 


I attached a screenshot with fake data in it of the zap. 


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2 replies

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Hi @Scott SDP 

Good question.

Those data points likely need to be encoded with either a %20 or a + to represent a space. (e.g. Test+Comany or Test%20Company)

Try using Formatter > Text > Encode

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@Scott SDP Aside from Troy’s suggestion we cannot help much further unless we know what external service you are trying to POST to in Zapier and can have a look at the API documents or see the error that is returned. Spaces should not have an effect in JSON data.