Java countdown -1

  • 4 April 2021
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When one trigger than count down set number every one -1 


i mean it so 

start number is 100

Than one triger = -1

The output is 99


And then every time -1 finish=0

6 replies

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Hi there @Zombie Phone Repair - Could you specify what you were hoping to do with the count down? I’m unclear about what application use you were hoping to achieve to point you in the right direction. Thanks!

Yes, when we have created a new customer that he writes in den chate how many customers are still missing and he should start at 100 every day

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If you wanted an easily displayed countdown, you could use google sheets and multiple zaps. In the below solution, it is also set up to keep track of what day it is. 



First, Set up a google sheet with the countdown number at 100. You will need a static lookup column. 
You could use Day but then you will need to add an extra step to determine what day it is. 
in the below, my key is current_day, the day is filled with a formula =today() and countdown starts at 100 every day. 

First Zap: 

Trigger: Whatever your trigger step is.

Action: Look up Zapier Row from the bottom up 

This will return the first match on the bottom which will always contain current_day.

Action: Update Row in Google Sheets 

You can then update the same spreadsheet dynamically using the returned row number and the formula shown


Zap 2: 

Trigger: Schedule by Zapier (this should be set to run every night/morning you would want to reset the countdown

Action: Create new row in Google Sheet

Let me know if you have any questions!


Tim @ GetUWired

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Hi @Zombie Phone Repair 

Another option is to use Storage by Zapier:

You’d have 1 Zap that triggers on a Schedule (e.g. midnight daily) and resets the value to 100 each day.

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Yep! Storage by Zapier can also work in a similar fashion! You just miss out on the functionality of easily being able to reference the values.  

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Hey @Zombie Phone Repair,

Were you able to get this solved using Google Sheets or Storage by Zapier? Or did you find an alternative solution here?

We’d love to know how you got on with this!