Integrating AHA-American Heart Association website in Zapier

  • 26 March 2024
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As far as I understand Webhooks, they create a link that needs to be added in the website from which we need to extract data. We receive registrations for our classes via American Heart Association website, where we dont get notified of the same and the students also dont get registered to our class until they visit our website and pay and register. Now if I want to create a Zap where I want to get notified for any registration the student makes on the website how I will I go about it. Website is

4 replies

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Hi @Shadab Nasir 

You would need to be able to configure a webhook url in the origin website.

If you do not have access to do that, then you will need to explore other ways of triggering a zap, such as via email parsing.

Email Parsing would be possible only if there is an email sent when the registration takes place. The problem is there is no form of notification that takes place when a student registers on that website for our training center

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@Shadab Nasir 

You would need to work with the website owner to determine the possibilities for you to be notified in order to determine your options for using automation.

Thank you I have sent them an email