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Input Data and running python code.

I created a Zap that pulls user data when a new membership is created in a gym app call PushPress.  When I get this I want to take input data and write it to a Python script then execute the script to crate an account in another app.


Everything works great except im not a Python developer and need to write the input data to the script then execute it.    the part thats not working is the ability to write that info into the script.




import requests
import json

config = {
    'clientApiKey': 'XXX',
    'projectId': 'impact-platform-fd1e8'

gymAdminCreds = {
    'email': '',  # REPLACE THIS
    'password': 'Password'  # REPLACE THIS
gymId = '888884444'  # GYM id, it's the
userData = {
    'firstName': 'FirstName',
    'email': '',
    'lastName': 'LastName',
    'hideScore': False,
    'units': 'imperial',
    'gender': 'Female',
    'birthDate': '1991-02-08'

def create_user():
        signUpResult ="{config['clientApiKey']}",
                                      headers={'Content-Type': 'application/json'},
                                      data=json.dumps({'email': gymAdminCreds['email'], 'password': gymAdminCreds['password'], 'returnSecureToken': True}))
        data = signUpResult.json()
        if not signUpResult.ok:
            error_message = data.get('error', {}).get('message', 'Unknown error occurred')
            raise Exception(error_message)
        bearer = 'Bearer ' + data['idToken']

        createUserResult ="http://us-central1-{config['projectId']}{gymId}/user",
                                         headers={'accept': 'application/json', 'authorization': bearer, 'content-type': 'application/json'},
        if not createUserResult.ok:
            data = createUserResult.json()
            error_message = data.get('error', {}).get('message', 'Unknown error occurred')
            raise Exception(error_message)
        print(f"User {userData['email']} has been created in gym {gymId}")
    except Exception as err:



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Hi @Vic-FiTek!

I’m making the assumption here that your create_user function is set up correctly and doesn’t need any modifications.

To dynamically pull in the Zapier input data, simply type input_data[‘keyName’]:

userData = {
'firstName': input_data['firstName'],
'email': input_data['email'],
'lastName': input_data['lastName'],
# Presumably, you can remove or comment out the following three items, unless they are required by your API
'hideScore': False,
'units': 'imperial',
'gender': 'Female',
'birthDate': input_data['birthDate']


Hi Todd!


Thank you!  This worked!  Much Appreciated