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How to Trace Companies Created or Updated in Hubspot via Webhook in Zapier

Hello Zapier Community,

I have set up a Zap with the following workflow:

  1. Catch Hook in Webhooks by Zapier
  2. Find company in HubSpot (and create if not available, then update details)

Everything is working fine, but I’m having difficulty tracing the companies that are created or updated through this webhook. Specifically, I need to:

  1. Identify which companies have been created or updated in HubSpot.
  2. Track these companies effectively in my Google Spreadsheet.

I would greatly appreciate any guidance or best practices on how to trace and monitor these newly created or updated companies. Is there a way to get detailed logs or reports from Zapier, or perhaps a method to tag or label these entries in HubSpot? I have been looking into Activity and original source and other properties on Hubspot to track it, but it’s not showing anything. 

Thank you in advance for your help!

Best regards,


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Hi @Bhavya 

In HubSpot, you may need to create a custom property on the Company Object to then set a value via the Zap to help you track those records.


Zap Runs history details show the DATA IN/OUT for each step to help you trace and troubleshoot:

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Hi @Bhavya,


If you’re using the Create Company step in Zapier for Hubspot, you can leverage the Record Source properties automatically populated. By default, it looks like Record Source and Record Source 1 get populated when I use the Create Company step in Zapier.


In this instance, you would not need to create a custom property. You could also leverage the create date property automatically populated to further filter/sort.



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