How to run a Sub-Zap only once after trigger "New or Updated Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets"?

  • 5 August 2023
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I have a zap which does the following:

  1. (Trigger: New or Updated Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets): I manually copy and paste many rows into a specific Google worksheet. Each row represents an inventory product.
  2. A Sub-Zap is called which looks to Sheets to find an existing Oauth token to check whether it is expired. If it is expired, it generates a new Oauth token. If it is not expired, the Sub-Zap ends.

  3. Goes through 3 separate zaps to add the product to ebay (ebay API requires three separate calls to create a product).

The problem is that the Sub Zap runs once for each new row added. The Sub-Zap has several steps, so this adds multiple Tasks for each row (product) added. However, I really only need to run this Sub-Zap one time; to either grab the existing unexpired Oauth token from Google Sheets, or to generate a new Oauth token if it is expired. How can I run the Sub-Zap only once and then pass the Oauth token to the rest of my zap for each row (product) added? Rather than run it once for each row. 

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2 replies

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Hi @Gtron 

Good question.

Perhaps try using Paths in the Zaps:

Paths require a Zapier Pro+ plan.

The problem is that I want to use the trigger "New or Updated Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets". However, this starts a loop for each new row I added (and I usually add 50+ rows at a time). So long as the Oauth check occurs after this trigger, it will also be looped and iterate for each row. 

What I ended up doing is creating a separate Webhooks zap, which executes when I click a URL. I added that URL into my worksheet, so I can click that it like a button to execute the Oauth renewal. I will just have to manually do that before adding any new rows which trigger the other zap.