How to parse a list of JSON Objects that is triggered from a Glide app and send emails?

  • 26 February 2024
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This is my first post to Zapier Community :)

I trigger a zap from my GlideApp where I pass two values, 1 is a JSON Object which resembles like this


The second value I pass is the number of objects in the list as the loop may require an end number. And I want to iterate each object and send an email with the provided details. I defined my Zap as below:


I’m sure I need to parse this JSON object which will need an additional step but I’m not quite sure as to how to do. I’m comfortable with Python so I’m okay with a code step using python. I searched for posts around this, but didn’t find anything that would help me.

Any pointers/links are appreciated. Thanks!

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2 replies

Ok, I figured out quite a bit if I hard code my JSON within my python code. I’m able to send emails based on each JSON object. When I try to pass the input data that I receive from my Glide trigger, I get an error. Here are the changed zap details:




And the error I get is:


I pass the Key name as explained. What else may be incorrect here?​​​​​​​

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Hi @prettycold,

For your specific use-case I would suggest to give a try. Its a tool where you can create code snippets, import python libraries and it also provides direct integration with Zapier through which you can integrate that snippet directly in your Zap. 


Please refer to this blog to know more about QuikRun. If you'd like to learn more about the tool, feel free to connect with me at or, will be more than happy to resolve your issue.