How to find out what a Zap's webhook url is?

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How do I do the inverse? If I have a zap setup how do I find out what the zap’s webhook url is?

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Hi @Parascheva1014!

I hope you don’t mind but I moved your question out from that very old topic out into it’s own one to help get it some more visibility in the Community. 🙂

If you’re using a Catch Hook (Webhooks by Zapier) trigger the webhook URL would be provided in the trigger set up. But I’m guessing you’re not using that trigger, right? 

So is it that the Zap uses a Webhooks by Zapier action and you’re looking to see the URL for that request? Or is it that you’re using another app’s action and you’re looking to see what webhook URL it used? 

Can you share a bit more about the reason behind wanting to know the URL?

For example, is it to identify changes that are made in an app by a Zap versus changes that are made manually? If that’s the case, perhaps you could add a note to a field in the relevant action that says “added by Zapier” or “Zapier” tag/label. Or alternatively, you could create a separate account in the app called “Zapier” and use that account connection in the Zap. That way any changes made by that account (via the Zap) should be logged in the app as having been made by that specific account. 

Hope that helps. If that’s not what you’re looking to do here can you share some further details about what you’re hoping to use the Webhook URL for and we’ll go from there! 

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Hi @Parascheva1014 

Good question.

There isn’t a great way to know the webhook URL.

What I do is add the Webhook URL unique ID (last value in the webhook URL) to the Zap Title.

That way you can search Zaps by the Webhook URL.



I’ve received a notification from a platform that the webhooks have been disabled, with a list of the impacted ID’s. I can’t find any way in zapier to find which zap is connected to which webhook ID, and it looks like there are many that are experience the same issue in the support community.

This seems like a fundamental piece of information to include in the zap. Apart from labelling it in the name (which isn’t helpful retrospectively), does anyone know how I can find this?


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Hi @klouise 

Check this help article: