How to create a webhook from another crm not supported by zapier?

  • 12 November 2022
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I just recently opened a new business (art gallery in Hawaii). Is there an Integrations expert out there that can help me setup a “simple” web hook? Or any recommendations where I can started? My old CRM isn't supported by Zapier & I’d like to transfer my contacts to get synced into our new CRM.


Any help is SO much appreciated :)

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3 replies

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What is your Old CRM

its a CRM for art Gallaries named “ArtCloud”

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From what I can gather, I haven’t come across any documentation from artcloud, I highly doubt they support webhooks. But here are couple of workaround you can try


Work around 1: (if your’e looking to sync one time)

Export contacts out of Artcloud in CSV and import them to new CRM. screenshot attached



Work Around 2: (mailchimp)

 Art cloud currently supports mail chimp integration which allows us to sync contacts to mail chimp. Once we have contacts syncing to mail chimp, we can use mail chimp api to push them to new CRM. Screenshot attached on how to turn this on


Hope this helps.