How do I make a Zap to pull a Report from 10,000ft (Resource Manager RM Smartsheet) ?

  • 11 January 2023
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Within our RM Smartsheet (formerly 10,000ft), we have built numerous custom reports (e.g. “Show me all contractors with Agency XYZ, and their hours logged for Last Week”)  What we would like is a Zap that can reach into 10,000ft, run / pull that report weekly, send it to a PDF, and then attach that PDF to an Outlook email that we will send to the Agency.  

We tried plugging the RM Smartsheet URL for the Report into Zapier’s 10,000ft plugin.  The problem is that nothing returns (also, the URL makes the date range static and not dynamic “Last Week” ).  

Zapier’s 10,000ft plugin also seems more tailored to transactions or showing individual records (e.g. Create User, or Create Project).  There’s no function for Run Report.

There appears to be an extensive library for an API to 10,000ft / RM Smartsheet.  We tried to send a GET call via Zapier, but it seems to be failing authentication or returning zero records.  

Any assistance/feedback much appreciated!



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5 replies

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Hi @Glen 

Good question.

We’d need to see detailed screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured for the API request and link to the API endpoint documentation you are referencing in order to have proper context.

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Hi @Troy Tessalone , 

Here’s the link to the API documentation for smartsheets:,-enterprise,-and-business-plans)  « I was thinking that we could use a JSON call to the API and ask it to return a Report object using Parameters (e.g., give me Time x Employee for “Last Week” instead of static date)

Below is a screenshot of one of our Zap attempts… but it’s not what we want.   

The actions in the out of the box Zapier connector for 10,000 ft. do not provide an option to run/export a Report…




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You can use Formatter > Date / Time > Format steps to get the desired date range format for use in the API request.

We’d need to see screenshots with how your Zap step is configured.

Make sure to obscure any API Keys or PII.



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@Troy Tessalone ,

Please see below screenshots… 

Basically Trigger > Use 10,000ft to do something > try a Webhook …

Probably easier over a zoom call.

I think in the Webhook portion, we could insert the JSON code from the API resource linked in above, but we were unable to obtain anything.  I think we were getting 400 or 404 errors.  




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If you need help configuring the API Request, consider hiring a Zapier Expert:


Would need to know which API endpoint you are trying to use.,-enterprise,-and-business-plans


For example, for Projects, there are all these endpoints: