How do I force fail a step in order to get notifications

  • 1 March 2023
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I have an integration between wordpress and Salesforce (Pardot). I need to send data from an Elementor form in Wordpress to a Pardot Form Handler Webhook

This integration has been working for a while now, but we have a problem when data fails to validate.

In this case the Form handler still returns a 200 response code with an error message. Therefore Zapier interprets the response a completed.

Unfortunately this gives us no visibility of failed calls to the webhook since everything is completed.

Is it possible to force Zapier to mark the step as failed based on the webhook response body, so I can get warnings when running the app.

I cant change the response code to something more appropiate so I need the Zap to handle the response.



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Hi @Jean Rumeau 

Good question.

Option to try…

Action: Filter (only continue if false)

Action: Gmail - Send Email (or some other sort of notification)

In your Zap Runs, any Zap that is deemed a “success” by Zapier would actually be interpreted as a failure because it made it past the last filter, otherwise the “filtered” Zap Runs would be interpreted as actual successes.