How do I enroll student in Thrivecart Learn course with API?

  • 22 August 2023
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I want to enroll a studen in a Thrivecart Learn course when they purchase an upsell

I use the trigger Upsell purchase in Thrivecart

And the API Request (Beta) in ThriveCart

I know the URL, the course ID, I have the email. I want to enroll the student in a specific course with his email

Problem : How do I write that in the body ? I’m not a developper, I just wanted to do something that seemed simple...



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7 replies

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Hi @Caterina 

Good question.

What is the link to the ThriveCart API docs you are referencing to configure the API request?

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This one :

But I must admit that after putting the URL I didn't knew what to do

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Which of the ThriveCart API endpoints are you trying to use?


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"create new student" !

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Try this...

Method: POST


Query String Parameters: (there should be none)

Header: Content-Type: application/json

Body: Replace the [VARIABLES] with the dynamic or static values.

"email": "[EMAIL]",
"course_id": "[COURSE_ID]"



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You are my SAVIOR !!! Thank you so much you are so awesome and quick, I spent like 2 hours on that 😭


Thanks thanks thanks !!

Is there a way to add them to two courses at a time?