How do I create a personalization tool to scrape LinkedIn and website data to generate personalized introductions?

  • 6 September 2023
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I would like to create a personalisation tool using Zapier or as close to 100% automated as possible. I will be getting the following information  Full Name, Company Name, Company URL & personal LinkedIn URL.

With this information I need to scrape their LinkedIn profile and get insights into the prospect's recent professional interests or achievements, and also extract significant endorsements or skills from their profile.

I will also need to scrape their website and extract mission or vision statement, if available. Scan for recent news or blog posts about major achievements or initiatives. Identify any awards or recognitions the company has received recently.

With the above information I will use ChatGPT to craft a 1-2 sentence introduction that includes a compliment based on the scraped info.

Then with the processed data as context, instruct OpenAI's GPT-4 to generate a personalised introduction that addresses the prospect and highlights positive aspects from the extracted data.

With this craft a personalised 1-2 sentence introduction crafted by OpenAI's GPT-4 that combines the prospect's personal achievements with their company's milestones.

I have tried in the past using Phantom Buster for the LinkedIn part, but automating getting the JSON file back inside of Zapier wasn’t doable, and parsing/mapping the JSON was even tougher. 

For the website part I will probably use the Zapier Web-parser, or are there any better alternatives? 

Is this something that can be achieved solely inside of Zapier? 

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Hi @MrCarlo 

Good question.

For the website part I will probably use the Zapier Web-parser, or are there any better alternatives? 

I recommend testing as LinkedIn may prevent certain web parsers from scraping data or only scraping partial data.

You may need to find an app that can reliably do this in a robust manner.