Highlevel to, not transferring correctly.

  • 29 April 2023
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This has been working my nerves for a day now. 


Objective : Each time a client is tagged with a <TAG> within my (HIGHLEVEL) transfer it over to my monday CRM including the following details. 


The tests are working fine, but when I actually do the automation. It is not transferring into the right areas. The First name & last name column are moving in the (Lead) Column and leaving the other areas blank. This integration has been off and on. The last one was the actual automation, the first two were tests that worked correctly. 


Could anyone help?

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3 replies

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Hi there, @Ali3332 - thanks for reaching out in community! I’m sorry to hear you’re running into this and definitely want to help.

I want to double check, we don’t currently have an app for HighLevel. I know sometimes HighLevel and Lead Connector are used interchangeably though so I wanted to confirm which one we’re working with. 🙂

Also it looks like we’re not able to see the screenshots loaded - are you able to try those attaching those again? I think in this case, it might be helpful to see the action setup, with any personal details removed.
Thanks and looking forward to digging into this with you!

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Hi @christina.d now I'm running into a bigger issue. The information isn't even transferring, it is very confusing because these problems are changing every time I do a test. The information from High-level isn’t making it to my CRM. I don’t know if it’s zappier that’s the issue or high-level. The test is working but actual trigger isn't. Here’s two screenshots of the zap, and workflow within high level.


Right now I'm kind of stumped on what the issue is.



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> The information from High-level isn’t making it to my CRM

Okay, so you add the tag in HighLevel that should trigger the Zap. Then what happens?

Some troubleshooting questions:

  • Can you see in HighLevel that the webhook was called?
  • What does the Zap History on the Zap show?
  • Is the Zap on/published?