[GUIDE] Steps for How to Create a Looping Zap with GSheets and Webhooks

  • 24 November 2021
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[Guide] How to Create Looping Zap Steps with GSheets and Webhooks


Zap Steps

  1. Trigger: Webhook - Catch Hook
    1. Used to trigger this looping Zap
  2. Action: GSheets - Lookup Row
    1. Used to find an existing row for a preset value (e.g. DONE = No)
  3. Action: Filter
    1. Used to check if a GSheets row was found
  4. Action: [app] - [event]
    1. (optional) Used to take action in another app
    2. Can add additional action steps as needed
  5. Action: GSheets - Update Row
    1. Map the Row ID number from step 2
    2. Used to updated the GSheets row found in step 2 (e.g. DONE = Yes)
  6. Action: Webhook - POST
    1. Used to trigger the Zap again
    2. POST to the webhook URL from the Zap trigger in step 1
    3. Include a Timestamp as a parameter to make the request unique
      1. https://zapier.com/help/create/customize/insert-the-time-your-zap-runs-into-a-field



Webhooks: https://zapier.com/apps/webhook/help

GSheets: https://zapier.com/apps/google-sheets/help

Filter: https://zapier.com/apps/filter/help


Tips and Inspiration contributed by: Troy Tessalone - Automation Ace

4 replies

Hi Troy,

thx for the guide.
I don’t understand how to preset a value in Step 2. I can only chose values from previouse actions/triggers. In this case that would be the Webhook trigger with no Data available.



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Hi @Niklas 

Whatever app is triggering the Zap step 1 webhook, would need to provide the values as part of the data payload, which can then be used in the Zap filter step.


I think I found a way to do this but I need to update all the rows on the spreadsheet. There is a UPDATE MULTIPLE ROWS for Google Sheets but it requires a ROW NUMBER at the end. How do you tell the update all rows to actually update all rows? 

Is there a way you can put something in the ROW NUMBER field to tell it to update all rows? 

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Hi @smccarthy956 

The Zap action for GSheets Update Row(s) works with Line Items.

Help article about using line items in Zaps: https://help.zapier.com/hc/en-us/articles/8496277737997-Use-line-items-in-Zaps


Is there a way you can put something in the ROW NUMBER field to tell it to update all rows? 


Perhaps look into using the GSheets API.