GoHighLevel integration with Enrollware

  • 25 March 2024
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So I recently found out that Zapier can connect GHL with Enrollware (Class scheduling, registrations etc software) via Webhooks. Now I have Workflow set up in GHL where I upload the list of past students with new tags (triggers for workflow) which adds them in the workflow and pipelines for course renewal reminders. The thing is I have to go and manually check before 2nd sms shoots out to those specific students if they have registered or not and then move the opportunity manually in the pipelines. Now that I can connect both softwares via Webhook. I can get the data for all students registering but what if I only want registration trigger for those specific students and then give them tags via zap and they can be routed to those pipelines. I hope it makes sense to you guys. Any insights or information if such an automation is possible would be helpful.

4 replies

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Hi @Shadab Nasir 

Perhaps explore using Filters or Paths.

If you still need help, post screenshots with how your Zap steps are outlined and configured, along with a specific example to help us better understand.

I have tried to check them out but couldnt figure it out. So I have an integration in my mind but not sure if it is doable as it is my first time zapping. I have a file for certain students whom I want to register in order to retain the past students. Is there a way Zap can only pick those names from file when they register and then update the pipeline in Lead connector and also add tag.

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@Shadab Nasir 

For us to have more context, outline a specific example for us so we are able to trace the desired data flow.

I am not sure how I can demo it here in the comment. I will try to outline the workflow here. So the trigger should be an excel file containing data for leads we want to mature.

Those leads registers themselves on a software called enrollware. Enrollware connects with Zapier via webhooks.

The excel file containing the leads name with specific tags is already uploaded on GHL and pipeline with automation is in place there.

What I want zapier to do is once those students who are in the pipeline registers Zap should be able to only take those students and update them in registered pipeline. 

Does it make sense?