Get Raw JSON From Webhook GET Response

  • 22 June 2023
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I’m using GET in Webhooks by Zapier.


How does the “Send As JSON” option work exactly?


My goal is to set the raw JSON response body to the property fields defined in the following “JSON Key” option, but these options seem to have no effect on the output at all.


“Send As JSON” option
Example output



When trying to consume the output in the next action, the output is missing.

Data from previous action appears to be pre-formatted
The “fields” property seems to be undefined

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1 reply

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Hi @techservices 

The Send As JSON field setting is for how data is sent for the REQUEST.


Zapier will parse the returned RESPONSE.


If you use a Code step to handle the REQUEST and RESPONSE, you will have more control.


Or here’s a trick to get the RAW JSON for fields…

Add an empty Webhook POST Request as the next step to send the data via a webhook to another Zap.