Formatting GET JSON Data using Zapier?

  • 5 February 2024
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Hey there Zapier folks!  I am trying to work out how to format some data from a GET request in Zapier, but am really struggling with trying to set up the pattern via REGEX or some other separator as currently the data is pretty much unusable.  Some example data of the GET is here:



It really really tough to separate but maybe because I have little idea what I am doing.  Everything seems to come over in a single object named INVENTORY:


The values named HEADER should each be a unique “field” inside of Zapier, with the “values” changing based on the record.  In this example there are 3 separate records I am trying to bring in, but I cannot get them to separate into any sort of usable format.

I tried using LOTS of text filters to do things like remove brackets, remove quotes, separate using commas, brackets, etc.  I am just not understanding how to get it to “parse” or how to “define” the field names…  


When I look at this in a table form I would love for it to look like this so I can easily set it up in Zapier:


2 replies

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Hi @Sh0ck3d 

Which Header indicates the unique record ID? (e.g. Header5)


That will likely involve using a custom Code step.

Try asking ChatGPT for help configuring the Code.

Or if you need help, consider hiring a Certified Zapier Expert.

Hey Troy!  Thanks for the swift response!  

Sorry my example is honestly pretty trash, but the “unique value” field is in Header4.  Based on what I looked at you are right and the CODE entry would probably be much better than trying to do “everything” using the included Zapier steps.