Failed to find or create a subscriber in AWeber

  • 24 July 2023
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Trying to add leads to my Aweber list. 


I have a form on my landing page, connected to a webhook 

Zap is webhook > find aweber subscriber > update aweber subscrIber. 


I want to capture NAME and EMAIL address. 


I want to send traffic to this form that is

1)SUBSCRIBED and I want to update them with a TAG

2) NOT SUBSCRIBED YET - I want to add them to my list and TAG them. 


On the Find aweber Subscriber step I get this error: 

Of COURSE the person has already been subscribed!!!! I am trying to FIND them in my list… 

Screenshot below of my step 2: 




Please help. This is driving me crazy! It seems to be working, but i am getting my inbox filled with error messages… 



3 replies

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Hi @AllyRyde 

Good question.

Try these…

  • Fix the “Extra Fields” section


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Thanks @Troy Tessalone  but no dice. Same issue! Anything else I can try? Thank you


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You can try this setup with Paths (Pro+ plan required)

  1. Trigger: Webhook
  2. Action: AWeber - Find Subscriber
    1. Set to continue for no match
  3. Action: Paths
    1. Action: Path A
      1. Action: Filter
        1. Condition: Step 2 match found = false
      2. Action: AWeber - Create Subscriber
    2. Action: Path B
      1. Action: Filter
        1. Condition: Step 2 match found = true
      2. Action: AWeber - Update Subscriber