Failed to create a http request in Eventbrite: Raw request failed.

  • 5 May 2023
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I’m trying to create a workflow to automate event copying/updating on EventBrite. 

It starts with an Excel Node that triggers at every entry creation.

To achieve this, I use this Endpoint:{{Event_ID}}/copy/


And it works. 

My problem is that as soon as I add a body it stops working and returns an error.

Here’s the body i tried to send:

{ "start_date": "2023-05-12T06:00:00Z", "end_date": "2023-05-12T15:00:00Z" }


What I do not understand is that the exact same request does work on the testing interface furnished by EventBrite. 

Is there a special way to format my request’s body? 

Thanks a lot for your help!

PS: I confirm that I’m using the POST method and that my account is correctly authenticated. 

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4 replies

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Hey @AC3438!

Am I right in thinking that you’re using the EventBrite API Request action, rather than a Webhooks by Zapier action for this?

Either way, looking at EventBrite’s API documentation it doesn’t mention anything about how to format the body of the request when copying an event. But looking at the example given on the Creating an Event from Scratch section it seems like it’s formatted a bit differently:
It looks like those fields would need to be called “start” and “end” rather than “start_date” and “end_date”. And you’d want to specify the timezone and put the date/times under UTC.

If that updating the body request to match the example from EventBrite’s API documentation doesn’t work, can you share details of any error messages you’re seeing?

Looking forward to hearing from you! 🙂

Hi @SamB, thanks for replying!

You’re right! I’m using the “API call” function of the EventBrite Node offered by Zapier.

I tried to modify the request like this:

  "start_date": "2023-05-12T06:00:00Z",
  "end_date": "2023-05-12T15:00:00Z"


But it still doesn’t work and I have no precise/explicit error message to know where the error would come from.

What surpises me is that this precise request works when launched from the EventBrite API Reference Website ( or from n8n.

I just tried to launch the request with the following body, from the EventBrite API Reference and it worked as expected, with a 200 Response code.

  "start_date": "2023-05-12T06:00:00Z",
  "end_date": "2023-05-12T15:00:00Z"


Otherwise would it be possible to manage this action with the Zapier Webhook Node?

Thank you again! 😊

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Hi @AC3438!

Based on what you provided, it looks like you still used start_date and end_date rather than this:


As shown here:

Can you try formatting it like Sam had shown above to see if that works?



I did Try to format the request as sam explained but it still doesn’t work. 

Indeed the EventBrite documentation asks for “start_date” & “end_date” variables when you COPY an event.
(See the doc here:

As you can see, changing the variables name didn’t change nothing from my side.

Moreover, when I try to make this request: 

  "start_date": "2023-05-12T06:00:00Z",
  "end_date": "2023-05-12T15:00:00Z"

From another tool than zapier (postman, n8n...) it works perfectly. 

Do you have any other leads to identify the problem?


Thank you a lot folks! 😊