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Facebook Pixel not tracking offline conversions

  • 9 February 2022
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Hello team, 


We’ve sent the request to the support but the email is not accessible for us so we can’t send you a reply or anything. 


Could you please look in to our Zap set up for Facebook Offline conversions. The zaps are picking up the triggers from Shopify, but the issue is that these conversions aren’t getting picked by Facebook conversion. 


Attaching screenshots to show that we actually connected Zapier and created new offline conversions purchase pixel for it. 


Let us know how you can help us fix it as for now we’ve spend for subscription but weren’t able to use the tool for a few weeks now. 

It is only one zap so you should be able to find it easily. The testing went successfully so its not an error in the zap. 







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11 replies

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Welcome to the Community, @Nika!

Us folk in the Community don’t have access to your Zapier account or Zaps, so our Support team would be the best place to further investigate any issues. If you’re unable to change the email address for the account it may be worth writing into Support and asking them to CC in an email account that you do have access to so that you can continue the conversation with them there.

That said, I did some digging and saw that there’s a bug report open for the Facebook Offline Conversions integrations where the Zap appears to be running correctly and we’re seeing successful runs in the Zap history but the events aren’t making their way into Facebook. Is that the same behaviour you’re experiencing here or are you seeing any error messages?

Let us know whether it seems like you’re running into that bug as well and we’ll get you added to the bug report for it. We’ll be keeping an eye out for your reply here! :)

Thanks, Sam! 


Yes, I asked to be added to CC but no one replied. 


For the bug, It looks like it’s the same issue yes. The only issue is that the events aren’t making their way into Facebook. Let us know when this will be resolved and for how long it’s been like this. As if it will last longer than 2 weeks we won’t be using Zapier and will try to find different solution. 


Looking forward to your reply! 



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Ah, I’m sorry to hear you’ve not had a response yet, @Nika. I’m sure our Support team will be in touch as soon as possible. :relaxed:

I’ve added you to the list of affected users on that bug report. The issue has been around for some time and I can’t make any promises as to when it will be resolved. 

That said, it’s been noted that there are some instances that can cause this behaviour so I’d recommend keeping an eye out for Support’s response so that they can assist you in troubleshooting further. As it may be that one of the issues outlined here is causing the events to not be registered in Facebook properly. 



I just wanted to say that we experience the exact same thing. We started our zap for offline conversions on 27th of september and instantly we saw increase in conversions. But since 5th of february 2022, it seems like offline conversions through Zapier doesn’t work for us anymore. We can see that data is being processed through the zap and succesfully sent to Facebook Offline Conversions, but Facebook doesn’t register anything as matches or conversions to the ads as they did before.


Facebook told us it could be because the data that are being sent to Facebook through Zapier is not accurate enough, however we haven’t changed anything on the Zap since 27th of september 2021, so It’s weird that suddenly Facebook can’t use the data being sent from Zapier anymore. We are using the pre-made zap from Zapier, and we haven’t edited it. Im wondering if Facebook made a change to the Offline Conversions, but I can’t get any information from Facebook about this or if theres even a confirmed issue.


It’s crucial for us to be able to track the offline conversions which are being sent by Zaiper, because a lot of conversions in our store happens offline. It’s a make or break it for our business basically.


So Zapier, can you please investigate, and confirm if theres a problem with the integration/zap/facebook offline conversions. Cause im losing my mind.


Best regards


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Thanks for reaching out here, @emilsejer1995. I’m so sorry you’re running into this issue as well, I can totally understand how frustrating this must be. :frowning2:  

I’ve gone ahead and added you to the list of affected users. We’ll be in touch with any updates as soon as we have them. 

Ok I will wait for an solution

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We have the same problem exactly. Since the 5th of February of 2022 our zaps still have a success response but in facebook, the events don’t get registered.


I think that we have the same exact problem like @emilsejer1995 so please if you have any solutions tell us.



@culinaryinstituteofbarcelona Glad to hear we’re not the only one. I hope they resolve this problem qucikly, as it can affect our ability to optimize ads properly. 

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Thanks for letting us know you’re also being affected here, @culinaryinstituteofbarcelona. I’ve added you to the list as well.  

I don’t have a specific workaround to suggest but some people have found that some of the issues mentioned here can be what causes the events to not be registered in Facebook. So it’s worth reviewing those to see if that’s possibly the cause.

Appreciate this thread is 2 months + old - are the problems still happening here?


(Trying to get our shopify > FB offline conversions working and having similar problems)!

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Hey there, @SBC. No updates to share at the moment but I did get you added as an affected user. We’ll be sure to email you and keep the thread informed once a fix is in place. 🙂