Enroll users to Thinkific getting data from Fluent Forms

  • 30 March 2022
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We are trying to connect Fluent Forms and Thinkifiv via Zapier.

The path should be this:

User submits a form from Fluent Forms, Zapier gets the data and then enrolls the user to our Thinkific course. After the enroll, user should recieve a email with account credentials. The data we have to take from the user is its name, email and the pass (don’t know if it’s better setting pass from our side or there another way, like sending link to user to set by itself).

To do this, I made a Zap using Webhook and following FF steps:

When I try to do the Thinkific part, I can’t chosee which data is equal to our parameters.

What am I missing? Also, if there is any tutorial (more detailed) I would like to know about it.



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Hi @Juan Carlos!

It sounds like you were able to set up sending a webhook from Fluent Forms to Zapier but you’re not sure how to get the information from the webhook into the Thinkific step of the Zap, is that right? It sounds like you might need a code step to convert the information from the webhook into separate fields that Zapier can read. Are you able to show what the information from the webhook looks like? You’ll find that in the ‘Test Trigger’ section of the Zap - if you do share a screenshot don’t forget to remove any personal/private data from it (eg blur out any email adresses, etc). Thanks!