Discord bot to Discord bot integration

Hey, I have a ChatGPT 4 Discord bot, I want to connect that ChatGPT Discord bot to another Discord bot of mine?

For the sake of this post I am going to call the ChatGPT Discord bot as “ChatGPT dc bot” and the another Discord bot which I want to connect as “Second bot”

Suppose I send “What is 1 plus 2” to my Second bot but as its just created through the Discord Developer Portal and doesnt have any fuction or anything as its complete new it doesnt know. So I want something in Zapier with which the Second bot copies my question which is “What is 1 plus 2” and sends it to ChatGPT dc bot in Discord, now as the ChatGPT dc bot is fully coded and the bot knows everything as you all know ChatGPT is great it answers it. Suppose it answered “The sum of 1 plus 2 is 3“ now when the ChatGPT dc bot answers it the Second bot should immediately capture it or copy it and send it to me in Discord. Now I will provide all the channel IDs and all the other stuff needed. Please remember the question and the answer could be anything or could be completely different, these questions and answers are just examples, anyone should be able to ask it anything and still it should answer. 


Please let me know fast whether this is possible for free in Zapier if yes please say me how in detail as I am an beginner. If not please say me if I can do anything else inside or outside Zapier to achieve this. Sorry for the long question!

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