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Custom response to Webhooks

  • 4 October 2020
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I have set up a Zapier to catch webhooks from “MyApp”.

As I understand Zapier automatacy respond with 200 OK. 

Is it possible to set a custom HTTP response to header like:  X-MyApp-Webhook-Status set to OK ? 


Best answer by AndrewJDavison_Luhhu 6 October 2020, 15:47

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18 replies

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Hi @keth 

It’s not currently possible to set a custom webhook response. I know it’s an active feature request, though (because I added it!) - so if you want I can flag this so someone on the Zapier team can add your vote?

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Yes, please flag this @AndrewJDavison_Luhhu, my vote goes to your Feature Request :clap: 

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Hi @keth - I have added you to this feature request so that if there is an update you will be notified via email!

Do we have any workarounds for this in the meantime? Using silent is great for internal use but externally this is a bit of a challenge right now without being able to inject a middle set to let them know about it. Doing this will likely strip the meta-data I am parsing through the Webhook :-(

Hi @Liz_Roberts , could you please add me to the feature request, too?

I’d like to connect Adyen notifications to Slack via Zapier. Adyen requires notifications to be acknowledged with a custom string:


Adyen’s documentation is here:

Best regards,


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@ryandemetz I’m not aware of a workaround yet, but I’ve reached out to some savvy experts to help! I’ll update here if we find more info!

@Henrik Mitsch You've been added to the report!

We really need to have a success return, failing quietly means that we can't put this into production. Is there a way to return a success/fail value in response to a webhook?

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Hi @mikehar (and anyone else)!

I don’t know if this workaround will be appropriate for your use case, but I found this internal note:

FWIW, my favorite workaround is something like this:

Have a Zap use the existing Webhook trigger, but tell the user that their incoming requests need to pass along "some kind of unique identifier" for each request they send into the Zap (could be a timestamp, made-up number, whatever). Like this:

When their Zap has finished all of the necessary work/processing, use a Storage step at the end , to "return the information", and use that "unique request identifier" as the key:

The user will need to make sure they know/remember the "Secret" that they used, when creating the auth for Zapier Storage - because that will allow them to watch Zapier Storage for that response:

Thus, the entire process is something like this:

  • Some external thing submits a payload of data (with a "unique request identifier" to the Zap's webhook URL
  • The external thing can either poll Zapier Storage, and wait for that "unique request identifier" to "suddenly appear", or the external thing can "just wait a minute" (hopefully long enough), and then try to blatantly grab that key/response from Zapier Storage.

Does that help at all? Also, @mikehar, I’ve added your vote to that feature request. 

Did this ever get implemented? Would love to be able to do a custom response!

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Hey @oliphant,

The feature request hasn’t been implemented yet but I’ve added your vote which will help to increase it’s priority! 

I don’t have an ETA on when it will be added but we will email you as soon as it is. In the meantime you may want to give the workaround Nick suggested above try. :) 

Please add me to the mailing list, I am also interested in this opportunity

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You got it! I’ve got your vote added to that request, @Nik ADA. We’ll keep you and this thread updated with any news. 🙂

Upvote this!

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Hi @Ewan! :) 

We’ve added your vote to the feature request. We’ll be in touch via email as soon as it’s implemented!

Hi, can you please add me to this feature request? I would love to take the response object from GitHub and pass through a couple of fields back in response to the catch webhook POST.


Thanks so much!

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Sure thing, @rcmaples! We’ve added your vote for that feature request now. We’ll email you as soon as it’s added! :)

Hi, would love to be notified when this feature is complete, I’d like to add my vote too.



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Hey @Dave.Henderson!

Thanks for reaching out about this. I’ve added your vote for this so we’ll be in touch as soon as it’s sorted. :)