Create Table in Google Doc and poplulate with date from JSON date

  • 13 February 2023
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Hello -


I’m trying to take dated journal entries from my CRM and put them in a table in a google doc. 

I was able to extract the data via webhook and format via JavaScript. Still need to figure out how to format the date which is the number in the screen shot. 

I guess I have two questions, how do I transform the highlighted number to a date, then put each entry into a row in either sheets or docs?


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1 reply

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Hi @PeterQuinn 

These are Unix timestamp in milisecond. Zapier’s internal date-time formatter doesn’t directly support unix millisecond formatter I think, you can probably substring the length and get it to work. Since you are already using JS to achieve some of it I think you should keep use the same JS code step to 

Better use chatgpt to generate the code piece