Create new person and new lead in pipedrive from webhook

  • 28 March 2024
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I have created a webhook to collect leads from my CF7 forms. 

When I receive a new request, I create a person in pipedrive and a lead associated to this person. 

However, when I receive a new request, the lead is associated to other people. 

How to link this person with the lead which will be created? 

Thank you in advance for your support 

7 replies

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Hi @geck 

Help us have more context by posting screenshots with how the steps are outlined and configured.

Hi Troy,

Thanks for getting back to me. 

When receiving a lead from a CF7 form
→ Create a person in Pipedrive
→ Create a lead in Pipedrive associated with the person created in the previous step. 

I think my issue is in the create a lead sequence. It doesn’t link the lead to the person created in the previous step. 

See attached some screenshots,

Thanks in advance for your support,



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Map the ID from Step 2 to the Person field.


Hi Troy,

I am trying to follow this guidance however all future leads are linked to the ID I mapped. 

Let’s say I choose the person ID 100 Name Harry in Step 2 to the Person field, 

All future leads will be under the person ID 100 Name Harry. 

It is what happening with my zap at the moment,

Thank you in advance,

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Do the same as you mapped dynamic values from a previous step to the Title field.

Use the ‘Custom’ tab to map the ID variable from Step 2.

Help article about dropdown fields:


Hi Troy, 

Thank you so much it works!! I selected the pipedrive ID in person for step 2 and now it works :) Thanks for your help, 

Also, on another note, is it possible to put a link to the pipedrive lead in emails notifications? 

New lead in Pipedrive → Gmail Email notification to alert me I received a new lead. 

I would like a link so I can click on it and be redirected to the lead page? 

Thanks very much in advance,

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Click on a Lead in Pipedrive.

Get the Lead link from the browser URL.

The ID at the end should be the Pipedrive Lead ID.

Then you can create a combo of a static value and a dynamic variable to create the Lead link in the email step.