Convert Text String to Evernote Checkbox List - ENML error Content Malformed

  • 25 March 2024
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Hi folks,


Using the Code by Zapier Javasrcipt to convert a text string to an Evernote checkbox list. Here is the code Im using:

// Assuming 'taskString' is your input variable containing tasks separated by commas

const tasks = inputData.taskString.split(',');

// Building the ENML content for Evernote

let enmlContent = "<en-note>";

tasks.forEach(task => {

// Clean up task to ensure no leading/trailing whitespace

task = task.trim();

// Append each task wrapped with <div> and <en-todo>

enmlContent += `<div><en-todo></en-todo>${task}</div>`;


/ Closing the <en-note> tag

enmlContent += "</en-note>";

// Outputting the formatted ENML content

output = {enmlContent: enmlContent};


However I keep getting an erorr stating ‘Content of submitted note was malformed.’


I’ve reviewed the evernote ENML guidelines and dont see any issue.


Any help much appreciated,

1 reply

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Hi @Sam E Cee 

To help us have full context, post screenshots with how your Zap steps are outlined and configured in EDIT mode along with the encountered error.