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Collect responses from Zapier app integration and pass back to original app

  • 15 May 2020
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Hi All,

I am new to the Zapier world and had a question.


I’m currently using Zapier webhook app to pass data in and trigger a new Zapier integration i am implementing. Through process I started to wonder how it is that I can collect responses from my Zapier integrated app back to original requester. In other words, how to pass back response the app making requests to the webhook. 

For context, I am just finishing up the Oauth 2 Authentication proccess, I have added my triggers and currently implementing the ‘API Configuration’ when this question dawned on me.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


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Hi @aldocake! Let me check that I’ve understood what you’re looking to do. 


You’re currently using the Zapier webhooks app as the trigger for a Zap, then you have a private integration that you’ve made as the middle step and you want to add a step to send the information back to the first app, is that right? Or are you looking for some help on how to set up an action in your custom integration that will send the information?


If you’re just looking to send the information without building an action in your integration, you’d need to use a webhook step to do that. I hope that gets you on the right track, if that doesn’t help, could you share some more details about what you’re looking to do? Thanks!

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Hi @Danvers,


Thank you for taking the time to reply here.

Let me provide the steps more clearly in hopes to get accurate feedback.

  1. I’ve created a webhook through Zapier to ingest data from my origin/original app.
  2. Parameters passed in the webhook are mapped to my private Zapier Integration.
  3. My private integration is set up as an Action and not a Trigger.
  4. When a request is received by my private Zapier integration it has a unique response.

The question is how would I pass that unique response from the Zapier integration to my app of origin each time a request is made. At this point the original app is only receiving a response from the Zapier webhook when requested.

I want to say that the 2nd sentence of your clarification is correct:

“Or are you looking for some help on how to set up an action in your custom integration that will send the information?”

But I want to make sure I get my point across a little more clearer to make sure I get the correct guidance. Hopefully this makes more sense.


I input/feedback will immensely appricated!


I look forward to hearing from you soon.





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@aldocake how do you need to pass the information back to origin and what authentication do you need? (URL Params, POST Body and API Key, Oauth, etc)

Is your private integration connected to another app or can you authorize it to origin?

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Great follow up questions.


At the moment the app of origin can only receive responses through the initial request via its response body.

I was hoping to somehow bypass the response the Zapier Webhook gives and map the response of my private integration app instead.

The app of origin makes buying decisions in real-time so would need information relayed accordingly, through the initial request and response loop. 

Typically, the original app makes a direct connection with another system and we record their response when the request is made. We don’t have another method to ingest data after the fact for a specific record, in other words, we don’t have a posting URL or a way to authenticate this request and tie it back to origin initial record.

"Is your private integration connected to another app or can you authorize it to origin?"

My private integration is the final endpoint and not connected to another app. Can you explain how to go about authorizing it to the origin app and would that accomplish what I described above?


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Currently there is no way to provide a custom response to a hook in Zapier, the backend component that controls it puts the payload in a queue and closes the connection with a 200 response. (There is talk about a revision that would allow this but nothing official yet).

Any solution will need an method of sending data to the origin as a separate call.

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Thank you for confirming.