Code generated password not passed to WordPress step

  • 12 March 2022
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I need help moving contact details from Stripe to WordPress. I already have the WP Zapier plugin installed on my wordpress site.


I am getting an error in the Password mapping field:

I have created an Custom action (Code by Zapier/Javascript) in the step above this:

This is the Code from another community article:

This is the successful Password generation Test:

Then I move to the Next Step by clicking on Retest and Continue button

Then I entered my NodeID:

Now when I test it, I get this errror:


I have been trying to follow this article: Generate Random Password

and also was trying to follow this article: Custom Pill Mapping

But I still cant figure out whats wrong...

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1 reply

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Hey @Dev_Company, welcome to the Community! :relaxed:

Hmm, it looks like you’ve been following those articles correctly. Assuming the Node ID that was used was the Node ID for the step that is outputting the password field then it should work. So I’m guessing that it’s just that when testing in the Zap Editor we’re not passing it through. It’s common for fields mapped in this way to look like they contain “No data” when testing in the Zap Editor.

I’d suggest running a live test by turning on the Zap and adding a new customer in Stripe. That will allow you to check whether it correctly creates the user in WordPress. Can you give that a try and let us know if it works as expected?