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  • 27 February 2024
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I recently upgraded both, my code by zapier python action which was deprecated and now the same for my integration. After only 2 weeks now both show again that they need upgrade. Does anybody have any information on that, in terms of python steps it now shows the version that uses Python 3 again. In terms of, it also wants to upgrade to 3.0.0 so i am wondering if now every few weeks the connectors are deprecated and need upgrade because that is not very userfriendly in our case to upgrade each zap individually.

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Hi @annafel 

Help article to reference about updating Zap steps via the [Update] button feature:


When apps update their APIs and/or the Zap app versions for an app are updated, that can results in Zap steps needing to be updated.

Usually the existing configured Zap steps are backwards compatible and will work for some time.

Best practice is to regularly update to the newest Zap app versions to ensure stability with your Zaps.


It may be that more apps are updated at the beginning of the year after the usual holiday code lock period.