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  • 3 February 2022
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I’m trying to fire a custom request with zapier towards and I always get a bad request

The requests fires properly from postman if the body contains 

"authorized_ips": [

in my custom request, I am generating an array with some code and then I am trying to fire the request without success.

ip_array is a javascript array, and I have tried the following in the data field of the custom request:

  1. authorized_ips: ip_array
  2. “authorized_ips”: ip_array
  3. JSON.stringify({“authorized_ips”: ip_array}); 

nothing works, any clue ?

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4 replies

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Hi @safireo 

Please post screenshots with how your Zap step is configured along with the returned error.

Please include the link to the API endpoint documentation you are referencing.

Try removing the trailing comma


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hi @Troy Tessalone 

Here is the detail about the request.

It’s not dependent on other steps

If I post the exact same content from postman it’s working :/ 

here is the doc of webshare, but again, it’s not the use of webshare but rather the configuration of the step on zapier that does not work:

What am I missing?

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Please post screenshot with how your Zap step is configured on this section:


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Looks like you might be missing a Header for Content-Type