Approve Wordpress Ultimate Member Users via Webhook?

  • 10 December 2020
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Approval by Zapier will be discontinued on February 28, 2023. If you’re using Approval by Zapier, you can still create approval steps in your Zaps using Zapier Tables and Zapier Interfaces. Request access to both apps through our Early Access Program.

Hello, everybody,

I wanted to ask if anyone has experience with solving the following problem: We offer a website for (potential) customers. Since there is some pretty "confidential" information on the website, we usually have to manually approve each user. This is why I wanted to use Zapier to somehow automate this process. I create a Zap to forward an email to our sales team to approve the newly registered user. In this email is the link to the "Approval by Zapier" inbox. What should happen next is the part that puzzles me, because all of my attempts connecting Zapier with Wordpress to change the user status have failed. Ideally the user status should be automatically changed from “Pending Review” to “Approved” after the sales team approved the registration. 


Can I use Webhooks for this? Ultimate Member - the wordpress plugin which we use to manage the user database - has some hooks of its own, but I’m really struggeling to put the pieces together.

Maybe somebody has some inspiration how I can solve this problem, any help would be appreciated!

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6 replies

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@ikbelkirasan @Troy Tessalone do you all have any insight into how @Thilo might leverage Webhooks by Zapier here to achieve their workflow? Thanks in advance!

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@Liz_Roberts Sure, I’ll try to help with this!

@Thilo - Can you please show me a screenshot of the Ultimate Member page where it allows you to configure webhooks? Thanks!

Thank your for your effort @ikbelkirasan !

Ultimate Member doesn’t offer webhook configuration directly in the plugin. But I found this plugin which connects Ultimate Member and Zapier (sorry, forgot to mention this): . I attached a screenshot of this plugins settings for receiving webhooks.


In addition, these are the hooks I found in the documentaion from Ultimate Member:

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@Thilo - You’re welcome! Actually I don’t have experience with this but it seems that the WP Zapier plugin integrates with Ultimate Member but this integration works by sending events to external systems and not the other way around.

Can you tell me where the user status is stored? Is it stored in a dedicated field or in the user metadata? If it’s in the metadata, you might be able to update it directly using WP Zapier plugin.

@ikbelkirasan I would imagine that it is stored in the usermeta. I also tried to do some research on this topic but couldn’t find anything, sorry.

Hello @ikbelkirasan ,

hope you had happy holidays!

I did some more research: The user status is saved in the user meta:

So I should be able to change the user status via webhook, right? If so, how should the Zapier webhook be set up?

Sorry if I’m missing something obvious, first time working with webhooks :sweat_smile:

Thank you!