AMP-Form rejecting Zapier Webhook response (CORS error)

  • 1 June 2021
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We have an AMP form on one of our pages that posts to a Zapier webhook endpoint. The data is being sent to Zapier just fine but the response from Zapier has an improperly formatted header that causes the AMP-form to throw an error. This, in turn, stops the submit button from being disabled and is causing some users to inadvertently submit multiple identical forms.

Does anyone out there have experience using Zapier webhooks with AMP-forms? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Response header from Zapier [ nice plug ;) ]
Error messages in chrome developer console


1 reply

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Hi @Morgan & Morgan Developers - This issue has something to do with your fetch call. It’s being called with credentials: ‘include’. Try removing it from your fetch call and see if that works.