Adding Webhook JSON Values Based on Data Received

  • 12 February 2024
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I have a form on my website where I am sending the response via webhook through Zapier to our CRM. The absolute minimum amount of data required for adding a CRM entry is below:





campus _id



Problem is, the CRM doesn’t perform any logic based on responses, so all logic needs to happen before it is sent to the CRM. I can send campus_id easily because that’s just location based info for the end user to fill out. The program_id, on the other hand, relies on the campus_id response, so there’s a difficult UX problem to solve.

Easiest way to solve it (as far as I can tell) would be to leave program_id off the form and just add it in Zapier before it gets sent to the CRM. 

Basically, I need program_id = 31 if campus_id = 1, or program_id = 37 if campus_id = 6, and so on over the course of 8 different campus_id responses. Is this possible without program_id even being sent to Zapier?

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2 replies

FWIW, I have a working zap from a form on the website that uses Javascript to perform the logic before it even gets to Zapier. That looks like this:



Problem is, I’m using a different form software in Wordpress for this new form because the client wants to have a survey with responses sent to the CRM. The new form software has some conditional logic, but nothing I can find to get the level of customization I was able to create with javascript on the original form. Plus, I’m not very good with code/JS, so that doesn’t help.



Any ideas on this? Am I approaching it from the wrong angle?