Add calendar details from new event using title

I’m trying to make it easier to enter my work schedule in my calendar.
By just adding the scheduler’s code in an event i want that event’s time to change based on which code is used.
So i have a trigger on new event of that calendar and want to use the event that triggered it to change the details like start and end time, address etcL

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Hi @Shotty_Gunny 

Good question.

Which calendar app are you trying to use? (e.g. GCal)


To help give us more context, can you outline a specific example and provide screenshots of the desired inputs and expected outputs?

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Hi @Shotty_Gunny, welcome to the Community!

Looks like you’ve tagged Google Calendar here, so am I correct in thinking that you’re wanting to update existing Google Calendar events?

If so, I’m thinking that you could potentially use the New Event Matching Search trigger for Google Calendar. That would allow you to look for new events that are added with a specific code in the event name. So you’d set up separate Zaps for each of the different event codes. Then you could follow that trigger with an Update Event (Google Calendar) action to change the start time, end time and address details etc.

When updating the start/end times though, is it that you’d be looking to set them to be specific times? E.g. always at 3pm.

Or would you be wanting to do something like adjust the end time to always add 2 hours to the end time that’s already been selected for the event? In which case, you’d want to look at using a date/time modifier in the End Date & Time field. Check out our Adjust date and time values in Zaps guide for more details on how to use date/time modifiers.

Do you think that approach could work? If I’m misunderstanding what you’re wanting to do here can you share some further details on the desired workflow here and we’ll go from there! 🙂