403 Errors Between Zapier and VimeoOTT

Our Zapier account has been getting errors from VimeoOTT saying "The app returned "Forbidden" (HTTP Status Code: 403)" When we play the zap again sometimes it will be successful, sometimes it will fail 2-3 more times before working.


We keep getting these random 403 errors when connecting via api webhooks. Sometimes this same connection will work in the morning, then fail in the evening. We send the webhooks via Zapier which has worked great for years, but is now failing.


Our customers, who purchase via our Shopify Store are very angry and to temporarily bypass the issue we are manually sending them the product via VimeoOTT which is taking tremendous time. 


Has anyone ever encountered this issue before and what do you guys recommend to resolve it?

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Hi @POE 

For us to have more context, can you posts screenshots with how your Zap steps are outlined and configured?

Can you show screenshots of the encountered error?


Vimeo Developer Error Codes:


Vimeo Status pages:

Hello Troy,


Thank you so much for your help. Please see the screenshots attached below (labeled 1 through 4) for our Zap Steps and the Error.



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Do you have Headers set for the API request?

Can you link to the Vimeo API docs you used to configure the API request in the Zap step?


Hello Troy,


To my knowledge we do not have Headers set for the API Request. Can you explain this?


Also here is the link to the Vimeo API docs:


Thank you!

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Do you have the Basic Auth field set?

It would just be your API key followed by a |

e.g. XXX|


Info about authentication:



API keys can be created on the Platforms page of your Vimeo OTT CMS.

All resources require authentication with this API Key over HTTP Basic Auth.

Your API Key acts as the basic auth username.

You do not need to provide a password (but do notice the trailing :).




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Also, check the base URL you are using.



Hello Troy,


Our apologies for the delay. We did not have the Basic Auth set but did try adjusting it as you recommended. We also checked the API Key and URL and all appears to be set as it should be.

We’re still experiencing the same issues presently. What are your thoughts?

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Would need to see updated screenshots along with the encountered errors to have more context.

@Troy Tessalone here are the updated screenshots. 

As we have mentioned before, sometimes the zap runs perfectly and sometimes we get this error “The app returned "Forbidden" (HTTP Status Code: 403)”. When it errors, sometimes replaying the zap a few times will get it to work, and other times it will continue to fail. 


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Try using the default Payload Type = form


I changed the payload type to FORM instead of JSON and the test did not fail like a few minutes ago. We will see if it stays fixed consistently. 

What is the difference between these two payloads and why would this fix the random errors? 

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Help articles about the Webhook Zap app:


2. Select the payload type

To make sure the request is sent in the way your app expects, select the correct format from the Payload Type dropdown menu.

There are three common serialization formats that you will see listed here: Form (also called URL-encoded), JSON, and XML. The following are examples of each format:




"first_name": "Bryan",
"last_name": "Helmig",
"age": 27



You can also select Raw to send the request as-is. With this option, no data fields will be parsed.

Thank you @Troy Tessalone. Weekends give us the most errors so we watch things closely and see if this payload change makes a positive difference.