Zapier... the backbone of no many no-code business ideas

  • 1 October 2019
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Interesting Twitter thread going on:

twitter Zapier gets a mention in most ideas.

Ben Tossell, for those unaware, runs which is a fast growing resource for people that want to build businesses without using code. There are dozens of tutorials and real life case studies on there, many involving Zapier in someway.

Anyone here used Zapier to build stuff that isn't for clients/job/core business... i.e a side hustle?

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2 replies

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Thanks for the shoutout @Andrew_Luhhu - I've been meaning to drop by in the forum but just spinning multiple plates atm (not to mention moved house so everything going wrong)

I mention Zapier a lot in those replies haha. It was fun and I think I'm going to do something like that regularly (weekly/every two weeks) on my twitter feed. I should play around with other formats too!

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Thanks @Andrew_Luhhu for posting this and @bentossell for dropping in! Looking forward to seeing you in here more often. 🙂 Hope things are starting to settle down from the move!