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  • 1 December 2022
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Zapier Interfaces






What are Zapier Interfaces?

Instantly build dynamic interfaces that connect to Zaps and a data source (like Tables).

Interfaces gives you a drag-and-drop way to build visual workflows for any business process, without writing code.

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8 replies

How are you planning for authentication & permissions to work for interfaces?

  • Will it require the team plan?
  • Will I be able to give access to people outside of the team/company?

We’re hoping to at least be able to create interfaces to manually triggers zaps/workflows with some parameters (think simple form + submit button), which we would like to grant access to people outside of the team/company. It should be fairly simple via Google SSO, which Zapier already supports.

@seedbox hey there!


I’m Luke, the product manager responsible for Interfaces. Thanks for the question! 

  1. We aim to offer a free plan forever for Interfaces (similar to Zaps). We do have a premium plan for Interfaces that is $20/mo for early access users.
  2. Shareability: every Interface that is created is public by default. This is a link to a web-page that you can share with anyone. If you want to lock-down access to certain stakeholders, that will be available on the Interfaces premium plan (pricing mentioned earlier)

Happy to answer more questions if you’d like to send me a note? luke [dot] thomas [at] zapier [dot] com. We can give you access to the product so you can try it out :)

It seems the early access program is not sending out next step emails, at least to me. I would love to Try interface, but can’t...

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@LukeThomas See above comment.

@jaegradnrer apologies for delayed response (holidays). I just sent you a DM to get you up and running :)

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Im using the interfaces now, but in a Zap i have to pick a project before I can pick a built interface, where do I find these projects?



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Interface Projects have Pages, so make sure you configure the Pages first, before configuring the Zap.



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Okay, Ive build a new one, and it works now! Thanks for the quick reply