Zapier integration with Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

  • 3 May 2023
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Sunset date for Universal Analytics is quickly approaching and I don’t see a native integration in GA4 as yet. Supposedly, it’s still work in progress, but this isn’t leaving much time to get things reconfigured.

I created a workaround using a “Custom Request” webhook if anyone is interested. Tested and works perfectly:


Method: Post



{ "client_id": "SOURCE-DATA-GOES-HERE",


"non_personalized_ads": false,

"events": [ { "name": "EVENT-NAME", "params":





 } } ] }

Unflatten: Yes


Pass as many variables as you wish. See GA4 measurement protocol for documentation and references to values.

1 reply

Does yours show up in realtime reports? Documentation says you have to add a session id and the “engagement_time_msec" for it to show in standard reorts such as realtime?

If you are adding that what are you using to generate the time?