What's your favorite two-step Zap?

  • 5 February 2020
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I love a Zap with filters and paths that can perform all kinds of wonderful automations, but I'm also partial to things that are simple yet powerful.

What's your favourite two-step Zap?

One that I have that's helpful is a 'Slack Reacji watcher' - when a certain emoji reaction is added to message in Slack, it sends me a DM. It's very useful for flagging certain types of messages.

What have you accomplished with a Zap that only has the trigger and one action?

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One of my very first zaps, and probably my longest running zap is a simple two step zap from Facebook Lead Ads to ActiveCampaign. I have run many myself and have set many up for other companies. It's a great little combo for lead generation.