What's you favourite way to use Google Sheets and Zapier?

  • 9 January 2020
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Google Sheets is a surprisingly powerful tool, and is accessible to most people as it’s free!

One of the reasons that I use it a lot is because there are a lot of Triggers and Actions for Google Sheets in Zapier. For example, I log Toggl time records there so that I can better analyze how I spend my time, I use it as a lookup table so that I can easily add new lookup items to a Zap and I've helped users who use it as a way of triggering another Zap from individual line items in a list.

What Zaps have you built using Google sheets? Share your favourite Google Sheets Zap or workarounds to inspire others!

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1 reply

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The #1 way I use Google sheets is an intermediate step between two zaps. Since certain applications (like Airtable) cannot handle line items yet Google Sheets can.

So if I get an invoice with line items and I need to write each of those line items to a record in airtable I first use "create row(s)" to create a spreadsheet row for each line item, and then I have a second zap that triggers on a new row in that spreadsheet, writes the row to airtable.

This is a handy workaround that basically splits the zap on line items, so for each line item do this...