Using the "Deactivate Stripe payment link" action for Stripe Beta

  • 23 March 2022
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If you run out of inventory for a product, you might want to deactivate any Stripe payment links for that product until you replenish your stock. You can do that automatically by using the Stripe (Beta) app on Zapier. 


The workflow idea below suggests using a spreadsheet as the starting point. I’d use it to track the inventory automatically for each new order, so that I can know if it reaches zero.


Zap 1

  1. Set up a Zap to trigger on new payment links on Stripe.
  2. Send them to a spreadsheet, alongside product details (so you can search for them later).


Zap 2

  1. Set up a Zap that triggers on another spreadsheet where you keep track of inventory (or another app that can track inventory, like Shopify). Make sure to have details that can be matched to the spreadsheet on Zap 1!
  2. Add a Filter step to check if the inventory has reached 0. 
  3. The next step will search for the product in the spreadsheet attached to Zap 1 and return a payment link related to it. 
  4. You can then use the “Deactivate a payment link” action with the payment link found.


As an extra, you can also add Zap Looping to Zap 2 to do this workflow multiple times and deactivate more than one payment link for same product.


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