Using Lookup Table to Pull Different Folders in DropBox (Not by Name)

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I’m a beginner and this is a relatively simple process, but it took me a while to figure out so I thought I would share in case it is helpful.


I have URLs from QuestionPro survey responses that I need to be converted to files and uploaded to DropBox automatically. However, I need them to sort into different subfolders based on the answer to a QuestionPro survey question, which is not in the folder name and we do not want it to be. The question asks what county the survey responder is from, and each subfolder needs to contain a subgroup of counties. In addition, there is a limit of 5 URLs that can be added to QuestionPro, but any number from 0-5 may be added, and all of these need to be uploaded to DropBox. 


I started with the QuestionPro new survey trigger in order to be able to pull the URLs and the county from each response. 


I then used the Zapier Formatter - Lookup table function under Utilities. I set the county answer as the lookup key, then typed in every possible county that could be selected in the left column. In the right column I typed in the DropBox folder path to the subfolder that corresponds to that county. That way it searches for the county and tells me what the correct folder should be. 


I then have a Create Folder- DropBox step which creates a new folder in the outputted subfolder from the previous step. 


Finally, I use the Zapier Looping Text function to loop through each of the URLs and upload them to the new folder using the DropBox Upload File function.

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