Trigger a Zap and play a custom sound (browser & mobile app)

  • 9 November 2020
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Hey everyone!

I wanted to share a quick tip about an app that I just discovered. I received a notification for this Reddit post in the Zapier subreddit. Vybit enables you to find a sound that will be played in your web browser and/or their mobile app when your Zap is triggered.

You can check out the integration here:

Ways I can think of that you could use this:

  • have a specific sound when you receive an email from someone you deem important
  • hear something like a cash register (or an airhorn) when your online store makes a sale
  • trigger a Zap using Shortcuts in iOS to play a sound on demand (on someone else’s device, for example)
  • play a siren sound 5 minutes before meetings, to make absolutely sure you don’t show up late

I’m sure there are countless other ways you could make use of this :)

EDIT: I see that the Vybit team added their own post in the Zapier Community as well...probably should have checked for that first, haha.

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