Simple QR Code generator app integration

  • 28 February 2022
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As far as I can tell, there are scant few QR Code generating apps that integrate with Zapier.

I wanted to generate static QR Codes. i.e., I don’t need them to link to a website that can then be redirected later.

I wanted to generate LOTS of QR Codes. Which made this model fundamentally incompatible with a service that limits you to a couple hundred codes a month.

So I made a really really simple app that uses the “.toString()” function of node-qrcode to generate codes. They work fine as long as it goes into a fixed-width font with zero space between the lines. Perfect for using with a Google Docs template. I’m pretty sure you could get this into an email as well.

I don’t really have time to dedicate to supporting this, but here’s the private integration link:

Here’s a screencast with Google Slides (I use 8pt Courier in this demo.)


2 replies

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Nice one, @cfepdan! Thanks for sharing an invite to the custom integration you built with the Community! :relaxed:

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@cfepdan I had the same issue and found this company that offers unlimited qr codes and scans on their $99/mo plan - They need to know your use case before giving you access to Zapier to prevent abuse but it is a solution for this.