Shared Drives - Templates, Copies, and Folder Creation

  • 12 July 2023
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The following is my problem and how I anticipate getting around it.

My trigger is Airtable, and my integration is with Google Docs and Google Drive.


I want to do the following:

  1. Make a folder in a shared drive
  2. Create a document in that folder based upon a template that lives in my shared drive
  3. In a zap later on, make a copy of this file and place it in that same folder

I cannot do steps 2 and 3 here, as it seems like you cannot retrieve a file from a shared drive.

could change step 2 to: Create a document in that folder based upon a template that lives in my personal drive.

However, step 3 does require that file being copied is in a personal drive, not a shared drive. 


So here is what I’m going to do instead.

  • Make a folder in my personal drive
  • Shortcut that folder into the location I want in the shared drive

All steps of the zap will now act within that folder, which is in the personal drive. 

For context, the google account I will be using is the admin@ account for the organisation, so it should still work if I ever leave the organisation.


I wish Zapier would either:

  • Add in the ability to retrieve a template from a shared drive, or
  • Publish an article about why this is not possible/tricky (maybe for security reasons?), which would provide some clarity

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